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A well-chosen, protected, and promoted trademark is a valuable business asset, perhaps even the most valuable one.

Trademarks influence purchasing behavior as consumers rely on those identifiers (names, logos, colors, etc.) they recognize and meet their expectations of the desired quality of a product or a service.

Owning a trademark with a good image and reputation furnishes a company with an exceptional competitive advantage. Therefore, securing trademark rights for crucial brand elements and attentive management of the trademark portfolio is paramount.


More about this service

Who is this service for?

Entrepreneurs and companies of any size that manufacture or trade any product or provide any service.

Why is it important?

Lacking adequate protection for trademarks increases the risks of the emergence of products bearing identical or similar designations misleading consumers and undermining your brand's reputation.

What should you pay attention to?

To be registered, a trademark must meet specific requirements. For example, the law demands that the mark be distinctive, not deceptive, not against public order, and not conflicting with prior marks or other third-party rights.

How can we help?

We will provide you with all necessary recommendations for the scope of protection and help you avoid or minimize the risk of applying for a trademark that would not be available, distinctive, or not comply with the other rules. We will take care of deadlines, fee payments, and every other procedural aspect.

Head of practice

Ramzan Khusainov

Ramzan Khusainov

Managing Partner

Russian Trademark Attorney

Ramzan majors in complex IP litigation, licensing, and managing IP portfolios, assists clients in ensuring the protection of trademarks and designs in Russia and neighboring countries.

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